Galway, Ireland

May 28, 2018

Rapture of the Senses

There is so very much to say about Galway. The city is a feast for the eyes, a café wonderland, and a musical parade. I have officially spent 2.5 weeks here and have found myself charmed and dazzled on many an occasion.

What has been fascinating about this part of the trip is that although I tend to focus more on the pastries and tea, the people here have made an incredibly important impact on this journey. I have met people from Chile, Canada (shout out to Ashley), Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, and of course, the U.S. Over numerous cups of tea I’ve discussed topics on a global scale such as: politics, the economy, the environment, living a life you are proud of, religion, healthcare, and abortion.

I consider myself a fairly open-minded person. I like hearing both sides. And if there is anything that has been the common denominator with people from all over the world, it is that we, as humans, need to do better. There is a lack of compassion that exists everywhere, but it seems America has been gaining this particular reputation around the world. My friends from Chile said the people from their country have no desire to visit North America, because it seems unsafe. My friends from Italy wanted to know why Americans are so rude and demanding. The Irish wanted to know if America is on the brink of war.

So there you go friends—a global perspective.

We have to do better.

Now that you know what I’ve been discussing with others, here’s a list of where I’ve been having those conversations.

McCambridge’s: This foodie haven has been in business since 1925. A journey inside reveals a market of fresh hummus, cheeses, olives, pestos, oils, breads, and produce. They have a fantastic selection of wines and chocolates (a natural pairing), and upstairs you can grab a seat in the restaurant and relax with a pint and a damn fine meal. I lost track of how many times I ventured into the store for a quick bite or grabbing a few must-haves for a picnic.

Le Petit Delice: Almond croissants. Almond croissants. Almond croissants. Oh my goodness, their almond croissants are everything. The café is quite small so finding a spot to sit can be a bit tricky, but I cannot recommend their bakery enough. Whether you eat in or takeaway, you must visit them at least once.

The Pasta Factory: My mouth waters just thinking about this place. Authentic, fresh, homemade pasta is accompanied by a menu that changes every week. From gorgeous carbonaras, to fresh seafood, and even vegan options (with vegan parm, fancy that), the Pasta Factory is a sublime little shop with friendly staff and incredible pasta.

Café Temple: Falafel, beet burgers, date balls covered in coconut, Vietnamese iced coffee, turmeric lattes with rice milk, a separate make-your-own-salad menu, and even a fresh juice cheekily named The Ed Sheeran. I love this café so much. The interior is ultra-cute, with an upstairs loft perfect for relaxing on a rainy day. With a passion for people, Café Temple donates all their profits to a variety of charities around town and also has a coffee donation board where customers can buy a stranger in need a coffee. How cool is that?

Cupan Tae: And at long last, the high-tea kingdom of Galway. The menu is quirky and fun, while the teas are homemade and positively scrumptious. I had my tea over a little brekkie (scones and jam for the win!), though I hear their weekend brunch is pretty spectacular.

See you Greystones, Ireland!

As always… Choose compassion, be kind, live with your eyes open and your ears ready to listen.



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