Prague, Czech Republic

April 29, 2018

Beloved by many, less than mediocre to some.

Ah, yes, Prague. The persnickety witch that confused you into thinking you’d have a good time in her cabin of trickery. Sorry friends, I know a lot of you adore Prague and have had fantastic times there, but I cannot join this party.

Though the charming architecture might as well be ripped out of a storybook, that’s about the extent of happiness I can conjure when thinking of the city. Perhaps it had something to do with being stopped and questioned by the police at 9:30pm, forced to get out of our uber, and walk with our baggage the remaining few blocks to get to our AirBnB. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that our AirBnB was portrayed as quaint and cozy, when in reality it reeked of mold. Maybe it also had something to do with the fact that I’m 1000% allergic to something in Prague, because my allergies flared up like nobody’s business and my asthma freaked out. Was I having an allergic reaction? It’s unclear. Maybe it had something to do with there being a gazillion people running around, making the city feel undeniably claustrophobic.

Needless to say, Prague was a giant letdown for me.

But in the spirit of travel…here is the one and only place I can comfortably (with a clear conscience) recommend.

1. Kaférna: Now this was the one slice of Prague that actually made me feel like I was in a quaint old world city. Delicious loose-leaf tea is served a la cute teapot with sweet and spicy gingerbread heart-shaped cookies. A bevy of scrumptious pastries await behind a glass case and the wickedly adorable black cauldron is where you’ll find their soup of the day. Loved this place so much.

Perhaps had I not been sick, miserable, and frustrated, I would’ve found a few more of these little hidden gems. But alas, not today.

See you in Galway, Ireland.

As always… Choose compassion, be kind, live with your eyes open and your ears ready to listen.



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