What will one uncommon girl sacrifice to save her beloved mother?

A great unrest has been brewing deep within the heart of the Nine Kingdoms. From city to city, radicals dedicated to cleansing the realm of magic have been systematically executing anyone tied to the mystic. When they show up in Marble Moreno’s seaside town, the leader easily sniffs out her magic. Yet, instead of taking her life, he forces her to look for a cursed chest that can only be found by someone who isn’t human.

The catch? The chest is hidden deep within the walls of Stonegarde—a heavily protected school for royalty. Driven by fear, Marble goes to great lengths to gain access to the school, where more than one hidden motive threatens to stop her from locating the chest. Surrounded by secrets of the past and dark shadows that seem to follow her every move, she must find the courage to face her enemies or lose her mother forever.

The Collection has gone silent, leaving the Nine Kingdoms on edge. Following the demise of Stonegarde, Marble finds herself eager to leave behind the horrors of the past. But guilt is not so easily dismissed.

With Zamia as the new heir to the throne, division grows within the royal family when they force her into an arranged marriage. Yet despite the burdensome expectations and duties placed upon Marble as a Lackey, as well as the growing panic Zamia feels toward her duty to the crown, there is still one burning question that rises above the rest: Is the Ra’ffa dead or only sleeping?

Seven players from across the land of Imperium are chosen by the god of death to play what appears to be a simple game. The winner will have the chance to make one wish for anything or anyone—dead or alive.

Although the players appear to be strangers, a closer look reveals that the slave, the politician, the executioner, the wise woman, two disgraced gods, and a young girl are linked together by both blood and circumstance. As the tension in the game increases with alarming speed, the players’ perception of reality begins to warp, and with it comes the question: What is each one truly willing to endure to satisfy their greed?

Four musicians vie for a coveted spot on the main stage at the prestigious Olive Branch Music and Arts Festival. 

For as long as she can remember, Melly has only been good at one thing: making music. From the instant she got her fingers on a flute and tambourine, music had transformed her life and become a way for her to express the hidden desires of her heart. And like every artist in the realm, joining the illustrious Olive Branch Music and Arts Festival was her ultimate dream.

When Hakim encounters Melly singing in a grubby tavern, his world stops for the briefest of moments. For Hakim, it was as clear as the sky on a sunny day—her voice was what his band, Needlework, had been missing. On a whim, a deal is struck. Soon Melly finds herself whisked away with the band as they join the Olive Branch Festival for what promises to be one wild ride.

*This book does contain a trigger warning.