My Time At Spero – The Journey To Healing

Week One - February 12, 2022 What a whirlwind of a week. When I first walked into the clinic, I was overwhelmed with how much activity was happening. It wasn’t the silence of a waiting room I’d been used to, and immediately I knew that the @speroclinic was going to be a very different experience. The doctors… Continue reading My Time At Spero – The Journey To Healing


My CRPS Journey: Part Two

February 4, 2021 Doctor’s appointments: 197 SG Nerve Block Procedures: 10 Counseling Sessions: 20 Medications: too many There’s a moment every CRPS patient has when the doctor looks at you, shakes his/her head, and says there’s nothing more to be done. Nerve block after nerve block, medication after medication, physical therapy after physical therapy, dedication,… Continue reading My CRPS Journey: Part Two

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

My CRPS Journey: Part One

May 1, 2020 Diagnosis and Treatment Definition: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous system. It is a chronic pain condition that most often affects one specific limb. The chronic pain develops after injury, stroke, surgery, or heart attack. The condition is rare. Once you develop CRPS, you have… Continue reading My CRPS Journey: Part One